Anders Lunderskov
& Emmanuel Babled


May 23, 2023

Pocket Show

July 03, 2023
Cengiz Hartmann and
Wing Yin NG Didi

The Ancient Greek language had no word for matter, so Aristotle adapted the word wood for this purpose. Wood has been used by humans for thousands of years, and it has been a pivot material in our development throughout history. Wood can keep the fire going, it can be the structure of a floating city, it can be a ship, a house, a working tool, or a carved sculpture for religious adoration. Wood can take many forms and shapes, it is a dynamic and responsive material, and just like humans, it carries its history in its veins.

For Prime Matter Gallery’s first exhibition, wood had to be the matter addressed by maker Anders Lunderskov and designer Emmanuel Babled, either in the form of tables, chairs, jewellery box or an immersive magic cube reflecting the wonders of cabinet making.

This exhibition is a collaboration between both creators who have worked together for many years; Lunderskov is the artisan of Babled’s most special wooden pieces. In this exhibition some of the works are from their individual production, and some are the products of their longstanding partnership.

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