Arcana Entre Deux is a tribute to the know-how of high quality cabinetwork.

Etnawood tables are shaped by the union of different pieces of wood in a puzzle composition. Every table is unique thanks to the infinite customisation possibilities.

The Jangada Chair, a sensual, organic, and asymmetric design covered with either leather or textiles and inspired by Brazilian sailboats.

Librawood is an organic-shaped low table, in perfect tune with the cosmic law of gravity.

Composed by a single subversive surface, Origin has a surrealistic drawing where the bottom becomes the top and vice-versa.

‘Pleats’ vases, with their multifaceted, light, and delicate cloth-like appearance, speak of the natural poetic beauty of wood and invite people to touch them.

Quark Coffee Table is an iconic piece from Babled and already a classic in the history of contemporary design.

The Quark Wood series is composed of unique monoliths that honour and value their materials and production techniques.

Simple functional elements that compose the Roho table, spontaneously become the eyes and mouth, revealing the spirit that inhabits this object.

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Arcana Entre Deux is a tribute to the know-how of high quality cabinetwork. The outer surface of this monolithic walnut cabinet has a powerful angular relief pattern, with no indication of its function; this abstraction creates an unusual piece, full of personality. With no handles or apparent door, no clear front or back, Arcana stands in place as a mysterious object hiding its secret.

design: Emmanuel Babled
production: Anders Lunderskov

material: american walnut wood
dimensions: 142.4 x 72.2 x 40.8 cm
weight: 70 kg

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