Di Vetro

Emmanuel Babled &
Andrea Zilio &
Marijke De Cock


September 14, 2023

Pocket Show

Rua da Madalena, 87

The infinite capacity of transformation.
The mutation from solid to liquid to solid again, as many times as needed, in any shape or form.
Glass can always be reused, re-burnt, and reborn.
The process is complex, it requires orchestrated hands, feet, and eyes, in a ballet of creation – the dance of genesis, the harmony of life.
Its value, like any other kind of existence, stems from its ephemerality, hence its preciousness, beauty, and infinite capacity of transformation.

There is the Master, the legend and the living history. 
There is the curious, the artist and the eternal student.
When their souls align and synergy arises, they create forms, shapes, and beauty, giving birth to new living creatures. In this magical process there is colour, transparency, and the reflection of many hidden mysteries.

Di Vetro exhibition is an ode to the creative forces of the universe, from the golden age of virtuosity, seen in the traditional Venetian works by Master glassmaker Andrea Zilio, to the precious simplicity of “a time before life”, reflected in Emmanuel Babled’s Azoici vases, up to the intuitively fluid shapes of Marijke De Cock’s The Act of a Line wall pieces; a transversal view of existence through the materiality of glass and its infinite capacities.

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