French born, Italian at heart and currently based in Lisbon, Emmanuel Babled has been working for over 30 years as a furniture and object designer; his style is distinguished by organic forms, excellence of materials and refined craftsmanship. His work celebrates traditional techniques, honours the origins of its materials, and respects the cultural characteristics of each production context.

After graduating in Industrial Design at the European Institute of Design in Milan, Babled started his activity as a designer in Paris and moved to Milan in 1992, where he founded his studio and worked for 18 years. After living in Amsterdam for 5 years. In early 2016, Emmanuel moved to Lisbon where he currently has his studio.

During his career, Babled has been launching the self-produced Babled Editions: limited and exclusive series of furnitures, accessories, and other design objects. These editions are the result of extensive research on the traditional techniques of production in different countries.

Alongside his Babled Editions, Babled also acts as a curator and consultant for large companies and prestigious brands. Babled is also involved in the creation and leadership of many different projects around the world.

Anders Lunderskov is a Danish cabinet maker who has established his workshop in Milan over 30 years ago.

Lunderskov believes that it is possible to improve the quality of our lives by surrounding ourselves with objects that go beyond functionality and beauty; objects designed to stimulate our senses when used. Lunderskov’s products are made to last as he handicrafts every piece with the finest materials available, always in sustainable and respectful ways towards the environment. 

Lunderskov has started his career as an apprentice to the renowned cabinet maker A.J. Iversen, in Copenhagen, from 1980-1984. Since then, he had experiences in Paris in with different workshops of cabinetmaking, restoration and marquetry. Anders has also worked for the museum of decoratives arts in Lyon and as a consultant for different firms developing prototypes. Later, Lunderskov has been consultant for the Meta Memphis collection and has been presented by the danish goverment through out “Danish Crafts & Design Association”. Furthermore, Anders has ran workshops at the Politecnico di Milano in 2006, and at the Institute of European Design in Milan, in 1996.

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